Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Orcish Hordes March! 
Hey all, i know its been a long while since i posted, but rest assured the blog is not dead. I've have been extremely busy working on boardgame art, RPG game maps, and conceptual design, and so i just haven't had a chance to paint and update much. However, i have been painting up a bit of storm, and here is what i have so far!

Quick TacWars Update!
I have to say that TacWars is coming along very nicely and has been playtested a fair amount. Their have been quite a few revisions to the rules, and though i have a taken a bit of a break to paint up some fantasy figs, TacWars is still being worked on!

The Orcish Horde
I have based these figs of 20x40mm bases for use in either Hail Caesar, Hordes and Heroes, or even Warhammer Ancient/Fantasy battles for total versatility. So fare i have 3 units of Orc medium infantry, 2 units of Great orc Heavy infantry, a Large Troll and a massive Giant (Both of which are from Reapers Dark Heaven line). The orcs themselves are a mix of Demonworld and Splintered Light minis, and work quite excellently together! I still have Orc artillery, wolf riders with bow, another unit of riders with shields and spears, as well as skirmishers and yet another unit of medium orc infantry to paint up!

Painting Method
I've been having alot of fun painting these guys, my first greenskins i've ever painted and opted for a new painting method. Instead of a black primer, i started with white, and using a 3 parts paint/1 part water solution, i block in the general areas and then wash the whole model over with GW Agrax Shade. The white auto highlights the model, letting the detail shine through quite well. Definitely a switch from my normal black primer painting method, but i love the effect. Let me know what you think!

Pics of the Horde

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