Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Neo Soviet BMP-4 Conversion for TacWars.

I ordered some BMP-1s from Old Glory recently to try my hand at converting futuristic BMP-4's. Their are a number of wonderful companies to buy futuristic vehicles from, but honestly i have found that converting existing vehicles with plasti-card and some bits usually makes for a more satisfying product, not to mention cheaper. Though i'm not a fantastic modeler in comparison with many, i needed to add a mechanized infantry vehicle to my Neo Soviet force for TacWars so i could field a mechanised infantry list. I think these will look good along side my futuristic BTR's from Antenocitas's workshop.

Step 1 : Selecting the Old GLory BMP-1 for conversion
After shopping around a bit and decided to go with the Old Glory models (I'm also a OG member :). These models were $14.40 for three pewter models, and are a PERFECT size for 15mm scifi. I picked the Recce version of the BMP since it has an enlarged turret and has a suitably different look than the standard BMP, leading to an easier conversion. I've never been a fan of QRF as most of the molds are see a bit mushy looking ( though in all honesty i haven't ordered from them as of yet to see for myself), and Skytrex is a little too expensive per vehicle for my taste.

The BMP-1s right out of the bag! Really REALLY nice models with little or no flash, though there are some mold lines.

Step 2 : Starting the Conversion
The BMP-4 IFV coming to life. I added armor skirts and a front plate, as well as reactive armor to the turret.

Step 3 : Finishing the Conversion
The finished BMP-4. I added even more reactive armor to the sides, some stowage and camo nets to the front and back, as well as attaching a coaxial HMG next to the Heavy Autocannon. I also cut down a DPG from Heavy Gear to make a Medium AT launcher to attach to the top of the turret. On the back of the vehicle is the unditching bar.

A Word on Old Glory...
I use Old Glory for much of my 15mm WW2 Russian army (My Red God of War battery, 45mm guns, Zis 2 guns, my BA 64's, Su122's, Su 85s, trucks and my custom made Tank riders...), and both my Carthaginian and Republican Roman 15mm armies, and i have NEVER been disappointed. The molds are always excellent, the size appropriate, and the value is unparalleled. I dont understand how some people don't get around to using them more! The best part about them is they hold paint fantastically, and have won a number of painting contests with my Russians. Ok, rant is over, sorry for its length!

Thanks for reading, comments welcome!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Life, what else is new?

Its been a long time since i have posted, but alot of things have been happening in the meantime that has kept me quite busy. Whether it be work, minis or whatever, i'm back:) 

TacWars: Future Conflicts coming!

I have been working steadily in the last few months on my own 15mm rule-set as i have mentioned before, and it is very close to completion. The game takes place about 60 years in the future around another world struggle. Factions include America, Britain, Germany and its EU partners, Neo-Soviet Russians and their unwilling allies, China, and Japan. Originally based on a my modified Bolt-Action Scifi rules, TacWars uses a D8 and is broken into combat Units made up of separate elements (Fireteams, transports, etc). You can play it either at 15mm or 28mm with no change in the dimensions or rules. I am going to be playtesting it extensively over the next few months at Borderlands in Greenville SC, so if you want to drop by and setup a game, just drop me an email. I have to finish up the VTOL rules for controlling gunships and Aircav transports.

TacWars as a PDF or Softbound edition

Once this playtesting is complete, i plan on releasing it as a PDF for download, or as a softbound edition via print on demand from RPG now. Of course this is down the line aways since i still have to lay all of it out in InDesign, Paint up all the artwork and the cover, and put quite a bit of man-hours into it to get it ready

15mm Hordes and Heroes Fantasy

Recently i have discovered Kallistra's ruleset for 10mm fantasy wargaming called Hordes and Heroes. A simple and elegant system played on a 4" hex grid, i found this system an ideal place to start my 15mm fantasy armies. I have always been a huge fan of Demonworld since these models are essentially Warhammer Fantasy from the early 90's, and so while i was at Gencon, i dropped about 220$ on a whole crap ton of them. 

Hordes and Heroes 15mm Modding and army creation
Though hordes and Heroes is really for 10mm, its really no problem using 15mm when you base your minis on 20mmx40mm bases I put 4 infantry on a bases, and two cavalry, and it works quite well. I plan on having a large Empire army, and a large Orc army to tote around with me when i go to the shop ans such. Also i need to make up a much better magic system for the game since it is basically non0existant. I fi gure i can draw inspiration from Dark Omen, the old, but fantastic PC game for spells, as well as Old Warhammer codex's. Should not be too hard to make up unit list entries and spells for both armies:)

 So far i have two units painted up. Von Carlheims's Heavy cavalry...

 ...and his foot infantry.

Thanks, and i should be updating much more regularly from now on, though i can't make any promises!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NeoSoviet Guards Shock Heavy Infantry Platoon... all painted up!

Hey All,

I finally finished the next unit in my 15mm scifi collection, the Guards Shock Heavy infantry units. The models are from Blue moon are are fantastic and cheap.

Soviet Guards Shock Infantry
In TacWars, they are a mixture of Soviet assault engineers and shock infantry. They are used to break into an enemy line, shrugging off weapons fire so they can close to assault range and take the enemy by storm. Using Rapid firing SMGs and concussion grenades, they can break into and then hold the line when the inevitable counterattack comes in. They also lug in Heavy Energy cannons to help in point defence, or for covering fire in an attack. Candidates are drawn from the Rodina and must pass the rigorous training to be picked for the assault Brigades, and its not uncommon for some to be killed in the selection process. Though these troops have not attained the notoriety of Spetnaz status, they are tough, dependable, and proud of their place in the Soviet fighting arm.

The Painting Process
I started by priming them black, after i based them on Pennies with sand/gravel. After that i painted in Luftwaffe or Reflective Green from Vallejo's line. For their camo, i  painted in Vallejo's Medium Grey, using a small brush to paint in the irregular markings. Their optics and Unit badges on their shoulders were painted with a Blood Red from GW. Weapons sights, and extra armor pieces were painted in Vallejo's Soviet WW2 Field Uniform, and their ammo pouches painted with Vallejo's Flat Earth. I then dry brushed their weapons with GW's Boltgun Metal. I then applied a wash over the entire model with DiDi's brown magic ink. After wards, i picked out spots with the green and the Medium grey to make them pop, and painted in a white marking on their right shoulders.

The bases were painted Choclate Brown, then drybrushed with flat earth. Afterwards a i used a mixture of Woodlands Scenics and Galeforce 9 flock to finish them off.

Hope you guys like them, i'll soon have pics of them in a game, but for now here they are in front of the news station:)


Friday, May 3, 2013

New terrain and Ruleset!

Hey All,

Sorry its been a while since i last posted, just been busy as hell on my new 15mm ruleset!

TacWars: Future Combat Commander
Since i modified Bolt action into the scifi version so much, i decided to put out my new game. TacWars: Future Combat Commander (My working Title so far) is a D8 based system that is much quicker and in my opinion more refined than Bolt Action. It is everything that BoltAction Scifi is and more, with rules for Recon, counter recon, communications disruption, UAV's, Close Firesupport, Air Support, Jump Infantry, and yes, ...Battlemechs! Eventually they will be available for 10.00$ on Wargames Vault and possibly a kickstarter for a soft bound version:)

The Fall of Berlin 2065
We played our first game of it yesterday on my new Dropzone commander paper terrain which is fantastic, and will be refining the rules as we playtest. The Neo Sovs pushed into Berlin suffering heavy casualties, but eventually encircled and destroyed the counterattacking Nato forces in a bloody clash amongst the center of the city. Bloodied, the Soviets must now push hard before the Nato forces can recover!

Here are some quick pics for your perusal!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bolt Action Scfi Version 1.6 - UAV Drones, Orbital Drop Infantry, and Arty- Oh My!

Hey Guys,

I got version 1.6 of the rules finished up, and it was a doosey. I've introduced alot of new material to playtest, namely a few new units (Sub orbital drops troopers and Shock Heavy infantry, some more vehicles) and abilities, as well as Squad splitting and detachments, less Order dice, Artillery barrages, UAV Drones, and some tweaked faction special rules such as the Red God of War and NATO Air Support. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Bolt Action Scifi Rules Version 1.6
Get them Here

We are having a big game tomorrow at my local shop, so pictures will be forthcoming!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Neo-Sov PT-85 Sneak Peek...

ZOD Light Tank Vehicle
Many of you might have seen the 15mm (more like 12mm) vehicles from ZOD, a Russian company, and dismissed them for being too small or not detailed enough, etc for 15mm gaming. There were a few posts on TMP about them, and they caught my interest. Despite the discussion, I thought i'd order some and see for myself since the light tank looked like a perfect futuristic PT-76 capable of supporting my Neo-Sov force.

First Impressions and Mod Work
After opening the package from Moscow (It took 3 weeks to get here) i took out a single ZOD ame sprue with 4 vehicles on it. The ZOD vehicle was perfect for what i needed it for, and after kit-bashing from several Plastic Soldier Company sets and a few Old Glory 15mm bits, i think they turned out quite well. Again, its a bit low, but this seems rather realistic to me. I need to put some aerials on them, then paint them up in the typical 3 color Russian camo, and they will be complete. If you know anything about Soviet vehicles in general, most are smaller and more cramped than any of their western counterparts, so i really didn't mind the size difference too much! I could easily see the Russians creating a specific infantry support vehicle that is simple to transport and manufacture (since they've done this a hundred times over!).

PT-85 Specs in Bolt Action Scifi
The PT-85 has a crew of two, is amphibious, is armed with an 85mm gun and coaxial MMG. Its very lightly armored. In Bolt action lingo, the PT-85 is a Tracked Light tank (8+) with a Medium gun and coxial MMG. Designed to support the Soviet Naval infantry and possible Airborn OPs, its perfect in its role for knocking out pillboxes and supporting infantry with HE shells, but outmatched against anything heavier than an allied IFV. Can't wait to field it on Thursday!

Sneak Peek pics

Thanks! Comments welcome!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Armies on Parade! The Titans are out in force.

Hey All,

Here are a bunch of decent pics of my NATO and Neo-Sov force, both of which may be played as a Re-enforced Infantry, Mechanized, or Armored Platoon. I have about 30 more Neo Sov figures to get finished, most are almost done, and im excited to have some new command and special weapons figs. Some of them i had to Jerry-rig together, and i kit-bashed some heavy gear stuff in with them to make assorted Heavy weapons, etc. Enjoy the parade!

The two mortal enemies on parade.

Nato Squad on the move!

Natao squads with their Warrior II IFVs, along with a Warrior III IFVS.

HMG and Scout Snipers with Advanced Target Guidence System.

The M1A4 Powell Heavy tank. Back bone of the American spearhead.

ASIW Combat Walker, ideal for supporting infantry in built up environments, or flank protection for Mechanized and Armor platoons. 
A BDR 100 APC with its well armed 12 man MotoStrelk Squad.

The T64C ER tank. An aging warhorse in a future battlefield, but plentiful and deadly.

Command figs i'm working on, still have to finish the bases, do some highlighting.

The LMTR Light assault walker. Numerous and versatile, it is an excellent infantry support weapon, especially with  a Heavy Energy rifle.

Another Motostrelk squad with BDR.

BMTR2C Heavy Assault walker. Designed for maximum mobility through wooded and broken ground, this walking tank is designed to take on light and medium armored vehicles and lay down heavy supporting fire for the Advancing Rodina.

Nato Command squad with a Lynx Recon ARV. This cat packs a punch though, its pintle mounted automatic Grenade launcher will chew through infantry and soft skinned vehicles with ease.

The Medical Drone, designed to patch up burned and broken soldiers fighting on the frontline.

Some of the new special weapons for the Neo sovs. A heavy  SPRIGGAN AT launcher team, a Sniper, an Infantry assault grenade launcher, and an Energy gun!

The Fleet of AISW Combat walkers. A very versatile machine.

Nato Squad with their trusty Warrior II IFV.

HMG team with spotter.

The Tomahawk Tank Destroyer. A bit oversized, but fast and extremely deadly at range. This is actually a matchbox vehicle:) 

Side shot of the BDR 100 and its fighting men.

BA 68 recon and command car, along with its command squad.

The Neo Sov tide, with HMG and Light AT Gun in the foreground.

The Backbone of Germany's armored might, the Leopard III MBT.

Another Motostrelk squad.

The BDR 100 with H. Autocannon and SAGAT AT missile system.

Foward Rodina!

Close up of Infantry assault grenade launcher.

Lynx ARV with command.

More Nato troops

Platoon Sergeant with Underslung grenade launcher.


The Massive Powell!

One of the ARFV  drones that support the NATO squads on the ground. Able to be equipped with HMGs, Heavy Autcannons, Light AT guns, or the DRAGON AT missile system, they are very versatile.

NATO close up.

The men assembled in front of their vehicle.

The newest Neo Sov fighting machine, the T-92KA MBT. Though a heavily armed and armored tank, they are in short supply, usually leading attacks whiel the other older Soviet tanks follow.

Nato Infantryman up close and personal. Armed with body-armor capable of stopping a 7.62 round, breathing apparatuses and weather resistant camouflage smocks, the Nato infantry are a force to be reckoned with in an environment.

The fearsome Heavy Automatic Cannon of the Heavy walker.

A Soviet HMG.
Comments welcome and thanks for looking!

And if you haven't already, please check out the v1.5 Bolt Action Scifi rules Here.