Friday, March 1, 2013

Armies on Parade! The Titans are out in force.

Hey All,

Here are a bunch of decent pics of my NATO and Neo-Sov force, both of which may be played as a Re-enforced Infantry, Mechanized, or Armored Platoon. I have about 30 more Neo Sov figures to get finished, most are almost done, and im excited to have some new command and special weapons figs. Some of them i had to Jerry-rig together, and i kit-bashed some heavy gear stuff in with them to make assorted Heavy weapons, etc. Enjoy the parade!

The two mortal enemies on parade.

Nato Squad on the move!

Natao squads with their Warrior II IFVs, along with a Warrior III IFVS.

HMG and Scout Snipers with Advanced Target Guidence System.

The M1A4 Powell Heavy tank. Back bone of the American spearhead.

ASIW Combat Walker, ideal for supporting infantry in built up environments, or flank protection for Mechanized and Armor platoons. 
A BDR 100 APC with its well armed 12 man MotoStrelk Squad.

The T64C ER tank. An aging warhorse in a future battlefield, but plentiful and deadly.

Command figs i'm working on, still have to finish the bases, do some highlighting.

The LMTR Light assault walker. Numerous and versatile, it is an excellent infantry support weapon, especially with  a Heavy Energy rifle.

Another Motostrelk squad with BDR.

BMTR2C Heavy Assault walker. Designed for maximum mobility through wooded and broken ground, this walking tank is designed to take on light and medium armored vehicles and lay down heavy supporting fire for the Advancing Rodina.

Nato Command squad with a Lynx Recon ARV. This cat packs a punch though, its pintle mounted automatic Grenade launcher will chew through infantry and soft skinned vehicles with ease.

The Medical Drone, designed to patch up burned and broken soldiers fighting on the frontline.

Some of the new special weapons for the Neo sovs. A heavy  SPRIGGAN AT launcher team, a Sniper, an Infantry assault grenade launcher, and an Energy gun!

The Fleet of AISW Combat walkers. A very versatile machine.

Nato Squad with their trusty Warrior II IFV.

HMG team with spotter.

The Tomahawk Tank Destroyer. A bit oversized, but fast and extremely deadly at range. This is actually a matchbox vehicle:) 

Side shot of the BDR 100 and its fighting men.

BA 68 recon and command car, along with its command squad.

The Neo Sov tide, with HMG and Light AT Gun in the foreground.

The Backbone of Germany's armored might, the Leopard III MBT.

Another Motostrelk squad.

The BDR 100 with H. Autocannon and SAGAT AT missile system.

Foward Rodina!

Close up of Infantry assault grenade launcher.

Lynx ARV with command.

More Nato troops

Platoon Sergeant with Underslung grenade launcher.


The Massive Powell!

One of the ARFV  drones that support the NATO squads on the ground. Able to be equipped with HMGs, Heavy Autcannons, Light AT guns, or the DRAGON AT missile system, they are very versatile.

NATO close up.

The men assembled in front of their vehicle.

The newest Neo Sov fighting machine, the T-92KA MBT. Though a heavily armed and armored tank, they are in short supply, usually leading attacks whiel the other older Soviet tanks follow.

Nato Infantryman up close and personal. Armed with body-armor capable of stopping a 7.62 round, breathing apparatuses and weather resistant camouflage smocks, the Nato infantry are a force to be reckoned with in an environment.

The fearsome Heavy Automatic Cannon of the Heavy walker.

A Soviet HMG.
Comments welcome and thanks for looking!

And if you haven't already, please check out the v1.5 Bolt Action Scifi rules Here.


  1. Top notch stuff Jared, really impressed. Great pics. I cannot wait for my RUSK to show up!

  2. A-stounding. Simply beautiful.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed taking in all the pictures of well painted and modelled minis. Congratulations, Jared, that's some collection!

  4. Very impressive indeed. I'm not familiar with all the manufacturers out there, who makes the vehicles you are showing off?

  5. Thanks guys, i appreciate it!

    @ Kris Marguardt- Well their are a variety of manufacturers in the mix, but here is a breif rundown.

    Nato APCs- Antenocitas's Workshop (GOT 15mm)
    Nato Recon Vehicle- Rebel minis
    Nato Heavy and medium tanks - Khurasan minis
    Nato Walkers- Rebel minis

    NS Apcs and recon- Antenocitas's workshop (GOT 15mm)
    NS Medium tanks- Arsenal M (the T64's)
    NS Heavy tank and Light walkers(Khurasan Miniatures)
    NS Heavy walker- Rebel Minis

    Hope i helped:)