Friday, March 1, 2013

Sci fi Boltaction Mod rules 1.5 Update!

Hey Guys,

I have revised and cleaned up the Sci fi Boltaction rules, added an organizational chart, changed up the points system a bit, added a few units (Scout Snipers, huzzah!) and added two sample 1200pts lists at the end of the rules for you to peruse. We had a game tonight at my local shop in Greenville SC with these two  lists and it ran pretty well. I think its coming along nicely, but any comments are very welcome!

SciFi rules 1.5 PDF

A few quick pics of a game a week or so ago- More to come soon!


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  1. The rules are great! So AM I right in Sci-Fi era, all LMG with 3 Shots do not need loader, like in Bolt Action rules. But MMG and HMG need loader?