Monday, March 4, 2013

Neo-Sov PT-85 Sneak Peek...

ZOD Light Tank Vehicle
Many of you might have seen the 15mm (more like 12mm) vehicles from ZOD, a Russian company, and dismissed them for being too small or not detailed enough, etc for 15mm gaming. There were a few posts on TMP about them, and they caught my interest. Despite the discussion, I thought i'd order some and see for myself since the light tank looked like a perfect futuristic PT-76 capable of supporting my Neo-Sov force.

First Impressions and Mod Work
After opening the package from Moscow (It took 3 weeks to get here) i took out a single ZOD ame sprue with 4 vehicles on it. The ZOD vehicle was perfect for what i needed it for, and after kit-bashing from several Plastic Soldier Company sets and a few Old Glory 15mm bits, i think they turned out quite well. Again, its a bit low, but this seems rather realistic to me. I need to put some aerials on them, then paint them up in the typical 3 color Russian camo, and they will be complete. If you know anything about Soviet vehicles in general, most are smaller and more cramped than any of their western counterparts, so i really didn't mind the size difference too much! I could easily see the Russians creating a specific infantry support vehicle that is simple to transport and manufacture (since they've done this a hundred times over!).

PT-85 Specs in Bolt Action Scifi
The PT-85 has a crew of two, is amphibious, is armed with an 85mm gun and coaxial MMG. Its very lightly armored. In Bolt action lingo, the PT-85 is a Tracked Light tank (8+) with a Medium gun and coxial MMG. Designed to support the Soviet Naval infantry and possible Airborn OPs, its perfect in its role for knocking out pillboxes and supporting infantry with HE shells, but outmatched against anything heavier than an allied IFV. Can't wait to field it on Thursday!

Sneak Peek pics

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  1. Very Nice Looking!

    You should take some pictures close to other vehicles in the faction (like the 4WD or the 6x6 APC) to let us appreciate the relative dimensions!