Monday, September 16, 2013

Life, what else is new?

Its been a long time since i have posted, but alot of things have been happening in the meantime that has kept me quite busy. Whether it be work, minis or whatever, i'm back:) 

TacWars: Future Conflicts coming!

I have been working steadily in the last few months on my own 15mm rule-set as i have mentioned before, and it is very close to completion. The game takes place about 60 years in the future around another world struggle. Factions include America, Britain, Germany and its EU partners, Neo-Soviet Russians and their unwilling allies, China, and Japan. Originally based on a my modified Bolt-Action Scifi rules, TacWars uses a D8 and is broken into combat Units made up of separate elements (Fireteams, transports, etc). You can play it either at 15mm or 28mm with no change in the dimensions or rules. I am going to be playtesting it extensively over the next few months at Borderlands in Greenville SC, so if you want to drop by and setup a game, just drop me an email. I have to finish up the VTOL rules for controlling gunships and Aircav transports.

TacWars as a PDF or Softbound edition

Once this playtesting is complete, i plan on releasing it as a PDF for download, or as a softbound edition via print on demand from RPG now. Of course this is down the line aways since i still have to lay all of it out in InDesign, Paint up all the artwork and the cover, and put quite a bit of man-hours into it to get it ready

15mm Hordes and Heroes Fantasy

Recently i have discovered Kallistra's ruleset for 10mm fantasy wargaming called Hordes and Heroes. A simple and elegant system played on a 4" hex grid, i found this system an ideal place to start my 15mm fantasy armies. I have always been a huge fan of Demonworld since these models are essentially Warhammer Fantasy from the early 90's, and so while i was at Gencon, i dropped about 220$ on a whole crap ton of them. 

Hordes and Heroes 15mm Modding and army creation
Though hordes and Heroes is really for 10mm, its really no problem using 15mm when you base your minis on 20mmx40mm bases I put 4 infantry on a bases, and two cavalry, and it works quite well. I plan on having a large Empire army, and a large Orc army to tote around with me when i go to the shop ans such. Also i need to make up a much better magic system for the game since it is basically non0existant. I fi gure i can draw inspiration from Dark Omen, the old, but fantastic PC game for spells, as well as Old Warhammer codex's. Should not be too hard to make up unit list entries and spells for both armies:)

 So far i have two units painted up. Von Carlheims's Heavy cavalry...

 ...and his foot infantry.

Thanks, and i should be updating much more regularly from now on, though i can't make any promises!



  1. Didn't visit the blog for a while, but I'm glad to see that you're still working on the rules. 'TacWars: Future Conflicts' sounds good and it sounds even better when you say it will be both 15mm and 28mm ;)

  2. Excellent paint jobs :-) Looks better even than the Ral Partha photos. Not to make things competitive or anything....