Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NeoSoviet Guards Shock Heavy Infantry Platoon... all painted up!

Hey All,

I finally finished the next unit in my 15mm scifi collection, the Guards Shock Heavy infantry units. The models are from Blue moon are are fantastic and cheap.

Soviet Guards Shock Infantry
In TacWars, they are a mixture of Soviet assault engineers and shock infantry. They are used to break into an enemy line, shrugging off weapons fire so they can close to assault range and take the enemy by storm. Using Rapid firing SMGs and concussion grenades, they can break into and then hold the line when the inevitable counterattack comes in. They also lug in Heavy Energy cannons to help in point defence, or for covering fire in an attack. Candidates are drawn from the Rodina and must pass the rigorous training to be picked for the assault Brigades, and its not uncommon for some to be killed in the selection process. Though these troops have not attained the notoriety of Spetnaz status, they are tough, dependable, and proud of their place in the Soviet fighting arm.

The Painting Process
I started by priming them black, after i based them on Pennies with sand/gravel. After that i painted in Luftwaffe or Reflective Green from Vallejo's line. For their camo, i  painted in Vallejo's Medium Grey, using a small brush to paint in the irregular markings. Their optics and Unit badges on their shoulders were painted with a Blood Red from GW. Weapons sights, and extra armor pieces were painted in Vallejo's Soviet WW2 Field Uniform, and their ammo pouches painted with Vallejo's Flat Earth. I then dry brushed their weapons with GW's Boltgun Metal. I then applied a wash over the entire model with DiDi's brown magic ink. After wards, i picked out spots with the green and the Medium grey to make them pop, and painted in a white marking on their right shoulders.

The bases were painted Choclate Brown, then drybrushed with flat earth. Afterwards a i used a mixture of Woodlands Scenics and Galeforce 9 flock to finish them off.

Hope you guys like them, i'll soon have pics of them in a game, but for now here they are in front of the news station:)



  1. Hi Redepic, very nice, great camo scheme.

  2. Hey Jared! Excellent result. Camo is so difficult to achieve effectively at this scale, but it looks to me like you have nailed it!