Friday, June 5, 2015

Getting back to Firestorm Armada...

Finally getting back to one of my favorite game... Firestorm Armada. With 6 Main factions, 6 Minor factions, and then 6 "Grey Area" factions and pretty well balanced game play, its a fun, yet challenging beer and pretzels game:)

Had a great game with my buddy playing Aquans last night in a Border Clash.

Only got to turn three before we had to pack up an leave, (We started playing around 8pm), but it was a helluva fight. The Sharnak Cruisers debuted strikingly, putting 5 hull points on one of his Carrier in one round after coming in from reserve! The Dred also acquitted itself well, completely obliterating a Heavy Cruiser in one horrific salvo of death, though it took much punishment in return from the remaining cruisers and the rest of the fleet. 

Overall the inclusion of the Sharnaks was a good choice, their firepower is obscene! Range band 2- 14 AD Fore Scatter, 14 AD P/S Beams, and 14 AD FORE Torps  (This is including pack hunters MAR). Just Brutal, and exactly what this fleet needs.

My Battleline (My two Sharnak squadrons are in Reserve).

His Battleline (2 Barracuda Squadrons in Reserve)

Initial Setup Positions.

Turn Two.

Going into turn Three and how we ended it. (My first Sharnak squadron is off on the right Flank out of frame. Came in an decimated his Carrier and was prepping for a sweep).

I took out 2 heavy Cruisers, and a frigate or two, and lost 3 frigates and my Dred took 5 points of damage.  However, i also had 5 points of damage on his Carrier, 3 Point to his BB, and the rest of my ships were in perfect HP. If we had played it out, i would probably have Cloaked the Dred, and hope my opponent keeps firing at it to try and bring it down. That way my HC's and may Sharnaks can do the dirty work of beating on everything withing range. i dont think the Carrier and the BB would have been around much longer!

Some more pics. (Not great ones mind you!)

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