Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick Preview of Neo Sov infantry, Blue Moon buildings, and conceptual work for Khurasan.

Painting and relaxing for a day....huzzah!
So i finally got a chance to get out of my studio and away from my illustration work to paint my Neo-Sovs yesterday:) I got most of them finished, though i still need to flock their base and such, i'm pretty happy with how they came out. Here are a few pis, though again, the light sucks!

Soviet Motostrelkovy Platoon w/2 RPGs and a LMG.

Blue Moon Building
I also join the Old Glory Army a few weeks back and order a bunch of blue moon troops (Which are fantastic by the way) and one of their seven resin buildings to see how it measured up. I received it a few days ago, and i am totally impressed with its construction and weight. Can't wait to paint it up!

Not too shabby for 18.00$ !

Conceptual Design and painting for Khurasan Minis
Also some exciting news on the conceptual art front, Jon from Khurasan contacted me about some work he wants me to due for him, as well as a bit of painting. I'm a huge fan of Khurasan and Jon's work, so this is pretty awesome for me. The first model i will be painting u will be the Cossack Neo Sov scout car, which will be a blast, i'm sure:)

Stay tuned for more info!


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  1. Hey Jared! I just happened on your blog, and love ypur treatment of Keith's Neo-Soviets...great work! I'm just about to trawl through your back catalogue!