Monday, January 28, 2013

Sci Fi Terrain Update

Artwork, Terrain, and Painting... Oh my!
So its been a while since i posted on here, mostly due to the enormous work load i have been working on. Whether its been self published author maps to Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Games artwork, i have been mad busy painting up maps and boardgame stuff. However, i have been working on putting together my own terrain and figured i would throw it up on here:) 

Bolt Action Scifi Update
Regardless, i have almost finished painting up my Neo sovs, and now have about 40 infantry and 35 NATO troops done, along with almost all the vehicles. I do need to paint up a HMG team or two, as well as snipers and support personnel and when i do i will try to get pics up. I have also been play testing with my buddies at the local shop ad have updated the rules a bit, and added certain things to make it a bit more balanced. As of right now, these haven't been typed up yet, but i will get them on here ASAP when i get a chance to! NATO won a very tight victory in our last engagement by a single VP, though it was costly!

15mm Sci fi Terrain
My dad recently finished school for Phlebotomy, and while he was attending clinicals he had been bringing home all sorts of interesting containers, medical tubes, and such for  me to use in my 15mm scifi stuff. This stuff combined with some common recycled containers has created a few interesting pieces. I built a Large communications or storage tower, a smaller one, and am currently working on a small processing plant. Check them out:)

Small tower with figure. Up-ended small Vitamin C bottle, a few test tubes, and a few bits from plastic pipes and such. The base is quarter inch foam core that i cut and scored, then painted over. Huzzah!

Another shot, i need to paint numbers on them.

Power Amp/Chemical building. Some recycled plastic, a few medical containers, and some little bits tacked on.

The back of the station.

Large Chem Power building front. Size comparison of the two pieces with figure. This one was  a large Vitamin C container up-ended, some Pegasus hobbies bits stuck on, as well as a few plastic blood/needle containers stuck on top.

Large contaner back. Im going for a more clean refined look with  these pieces, with neutral colors and broad  rounded square shapes. I will need to put numbers and a few decals on them as well.

I've had alot of fun with these, and look forward to doing some more. If you have any ideas, i'd like to hear them, i'm always looking for new ones!

Till next time,


  1. Wasn't sure about the paintjob on these when I saw them over on TMP, but seeing more shots together like that (and the hi-res versions), it really looks sharp. Can't wait to see how that bigger building with the three tanks turns out.

  2. Great looking stuff... I really like how the pill bottles turned out.