Friday, May 3, 2013

New terrain and Ruleset!

Hey All,

Sorry its been a while since i last posted, just been busy as hell on my new 15mm ruleset!

TacWars: Future Combat Commander
Since i modified Bolt action into the scifi version so much, i decided to put out my new game. TacWars: Future Combat Commander (My working Title so far) is a D8 based system that is much quicker and in my opinion more refined than Bolt Action. It is everything that BoltAction Scifi is and more, with rules for Recon, counter recon, communications disruption, UAV's, Close Firesupport, Air Support, Jump Infantry, and yes, ...Battlemechs! Eventually they will be available for 10.00$ on Wargames Vault and possibly a kickstarter for a soft bound version:)

The Fall of Berlin 2065
We played our first game of it yesterday on my new Dropzone commander paper terrain which is fantastic, and will be refining the rules as we playtest. The Neo Sovs pushed into Berlin suffering heavy casualties, but eventually encircled and destroyed the counterattacking Nato forces in a bloody clash amongst the center of the city. Bloodied, the Soviets must now push hard before the Nato forces can recover!

Here are some quick pics for your perusal!



  1. Great pictures! Good luck with the rule set also. Did you find the card buildings to be compatible with the 15mm figures (they seem fine in the photos)? Because unless I'm wrong, I thought they were 10mm scale.

  2. They are for Dropzone commander so 10mm, but honestly we didn't have a problem with them at all, they looked great! I am using them for TacWars, as well as for Heavy Gear. For 45$ plus shipping, how can you beat 24 double sided foot tiles, and 20 different buildings, all precut and printed, easy to transport and set up. It made a big difference in the gaming quality, and people are just attracted to a nice looking table:)

  3. if you arent past the 'playtesting' phase, i'd love to help you out with that!