Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Neo Soviet BMP-4 Conversion for TacWars.

I ordered some BMP-1s from Old Glory recently to try my hand at converting futuristic BMP-4's. Their are a number of wonderful companies to buy futuristic vehicles from, but honestly i have found that converting existing vehicles with plasti-card and some bits usually makes for a more satisfying product, not to mention cheaper. Though i'm not a fantastic modeler in comparison with many, i needed to add a mechanized infantry vehicle to my Neo Soviet force for TacWars so i could field a mechanised infantry list. I think these will look good along side my futuristic BTR's from Antenocitas's workshop.

Step 1 : Selecting the Old GLory BMP-1 for conversion
After shopping around a bit and decided to go with the Old Glory models (I'm also a OG member :). These models were $14.40 for three pewter models, and are a PERFECT size for 15mm scifi. I picked the Recce version of the BMP since it has an enlarged turret and has a suitably different look than the standard BMP, leading to an easier conversion. I've never been a fan of QRF as most of the molds are see a bit mushy looking ( though in all honesty i haven't ordered from them as of yet to see for myself), and Skytrex is a little too expensive per vehicle for my taste.

The BMP-1s right out of the bag! Really REALLY nice models with little or no flash, though there are some mold lines.

Step 2 : Starting the Conversion
The BMP-4 IFV coming to life. I added armor skirts and a front plate, as well as reactive armor to the turret.

Step 3 : Finishing the Conversion
The finished BMP-4. I added even more reactive armor to the sides, some stowage and camo nets to the front and back, as well as attaching a coaxial HMG next to the Heavy Autocannon. I also cut down a DPG from Heavy Gear to make a Medium AT launcher to attach to the top of the turret. On the back of the vehicle is the unditching bar.

A Word on Old Glory...
I use Old Glory for much of my 15mm WW2 Russian army (My Red God of War battery, 45mm guns, Zis 2 guns, my BA 64's, Su122's, Su 85s, trucks and my custom made Tank riders...), and both my Carthaginian and Republican Roman 15mm armies, and i have NEVER been disappointed. The molds are always excellent, the size appropriate, and the value is unparalleled. I dont understand how some people don't get around to using them more! The best part about them is they hold paint fantastically, and have won a number of painting contests with my Russians. Ok, rant is over, sorry for its length!

Thanks for reading, comments welcome!


  1. Really nice work, the finished pics look like it is going through a rubble-strewn battlefield! Looking forwards to the painted pics...

  2. Thanks man, i look forward to painting them! I do have to attach smoke launchers however...

  3. Nice work, but I thought that Old Glory tanks were Skytrex?

  4. After some research, Old Glory and Skytrex are the same line, however apparently they diverged from each other at some point. Now that Skytrex went under, i guess its up to Old Glory to carry on the legacy!