Saturday, November 24, 2012

NATO Vehicle Pics
So i snapped a few pics of the Leopard 3 heavy tanks, the Warrior III IFV's and the ARV scout cars. I'm not too fond of the light but i have a bunch of errands to run so i basically threw them on the board so i could upload them quickly! I'm also working on the Neo soviet stuff which is nearing completion, but still needs detailing and drybrushing, and a bit of inking.

Camouflage Scheme and painting Technique
I went with the American woodland camo for the vehicles, which i thought added to the Fulda Gap, Soviet threat type of feel. I primed the vehicles with Flames of Wars Soviet Armor Primer, and then used Vermin brown and Vallejo's Black for the camouflage blotches on each of the vehicles. I tried to keep the small enough to be interesting, and not large enought o be too generalized. After that, i painted on Didi's wonder wash (Excellent stuff!) and reapplied as necessary. This worked pretty well, after which drybrushed each of the vehicles with Vallejo's Soviet uniform camouflage, and then Vallejo's Kacki. After this was done, i added in the details for scoped, lights, view ports, etc, and then added black ink in to the spots where i thought needed more punch.

A word on Antenocitis Workshop vehicles
So i love the vehicles from Antenocitis Workshop, but they area  bit of a bitch to paint if you don't clean them very well. I thought rinsing them in soap and water, and then bathing them in baby powder would do the trick, but apparently not for all. See they ship with a degreaser that's still on the vehicle from the molding process and if you dont get this off, it will severely interfere with your priming and painting by flaking off and generally being a pain in the ass. While i will seal these vehicles with Matte Medium or workable fixative  it will probably be a problem for a long time. Just a warning, excellent models, but clean them very well!!!

Hope you like, i'll be back with some more pics soon, and the Soviet stuff as well.