Friday, November 30, 2012

Painted Infantry, vehicles, and the first Bolt action fight!

NATO vs. Neo Soviet game, Terrain in Progress, and more pictures...

So i had my first run through game with my friend Steve Thrift at my local shop yesterday afternoon, and it went very well. Though we had to end it early since he had to leave for a cookout, we managed to get a few turns in, revise a bit of the rules, and get some new ideas onto paper for an update. Here are a few pics of the battle, and please forgive some of the unpainted stuff, i'm trying as fast as i can to get it all done!
The Settlement is fought over by mechanized infantry.

Nato Infantry in Hard cover confronting their Soviet counterparts, taking hits!

Soviet infantry takes up postion in the woodline, supported by their  BTR 100 APC and a Light Assault walker on overwatch.

Leopard 3 and a Warrior III IFV move into the settlement.

Sci Fi Buildings from Pegasus Hobbies Platformer Kits
When i was at Gencon this year, i took a break from my table to hit up the Warstore and to see if i could pick up a few things...of course i came back with 5 sets of the Pegasus Hobbies kits. I wound up getting 3 Platformer kits, the Chemical plant, and the power plant kit, all of which are fantastic for building custom terrain for 15mm or 25mm terrain. Here are a few of the buildings i have put together. Most of these should be painted so when i get around to them! I will also be looking into Lowes Electrical box's and Corsec Engineering doors and windows for quick buildings. Do you guys have any suggestions, or what do you favor most?

Nato Infantry and Warrior III IFV, Combat Walkers, and a Soviet T64 with ERA armor...
Had alot of fun painting up 2 squads of the NATO infantry, and the HQ, and i dry-brushed the walkers. To me they look a bit like the front of the Apache gunship, and so i went for a more basic paint scheme on them. I'm not sure how i want to base these figures though.
NATO infantry (By Rebel Minis) and Antocinitos Workshop's APC comparison

Soviet Light and Heavy walkers, supported by a T64

Allied Walkers

Light walker and infantry comparison

Back of the T64

Detail of NATO infantrymen...still have to base them with grass, etc.

Rebel minis walker back. I Love Rebel Minis, but some of their resin sculpts aren't as clean as they should be.

More to come!

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  1. That T-64 really works. It fits right in and looks the part along side the other minis on your table.