Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Neo Soviets and Scifi Bolt Action rules mod.

Intro (Short)
So i've made a blog about my 15mm wargaming exploits finally, and really my first active blog. I've been an avid Flames of War player (Soviet and German), but i've been getting burnt out with all the new lists and special rules, and so i've taken a bit of a hiatus (10 stands of Fearless Veteran infantry with 2 bazookas, Gamon bombs, and Mission tactics for 260 points....really?). Since i have strayed I've always wanted to do some 15mm scifi. I think its one of the best sizes out there for price and wargaming flexibility, and there are a great many manufacturers that you can mix and match to create your own unique system and forces. Its also interesting since i have been the conceptual illustrator for a number of these companies (Notably almost all of the Micropanzer figure range among others), and holding the soldiers and tanks that you have designed in your hand is also quite awesome:)

NATO vs. Soviets, the good old days...
My first project on here is my first foray into 15mm scifi, and i had the idea of doing a Nato vs. Neo Soviet theme, about 30-40 years in the future. As a big history buff (and a lover of the book Red Storm Rising and Red Army), i have found this time almost more interesting than WW2, and for a scifi setting, perfectly believable and adaptable. With figures chosen, its always hard to find a ruleset thats free enought o let people choose their own forces and build something unique. Tomorrow's War is a good system, but not open ended, while Gruntz is interesting but requires too much rolling, math, and limited infantry effectiveness for my taste. For the rules i have adapted the excellent Bolt Action rules for use, as it lends itself very well for modification and is an elegant and excellent system to wargame in. For figures, i'm using a several different manufactures to make up both factions, and i've fianlly been able to paint up the Soviet APC's and scout cars for use.

So i have picked and chosen from different manufacturers what models i would use for the projects and settled on a few i'll describe here briefly.

For my NATO tanks, i ordered a few of the Medium Tanks from Khurasan's 15mm range, as these looked advanced and angular enough to be a sort of Leopard and M1 mashup. I am using them as fictional Leopard 3's, and Khurasan's Superheavy tank as an advanced M4 Abrams (when i get a chance to order it).

Here are some picks of the Medium NATO tank next to the Arsenal M T64 with KonTact armor...A bit of a size difference, but the Leopard 3 will be represented as a Heavy tank, and the T64 as a medium tank with the according points difference in game.

I picked up a few T64 with ERA from Arsenal M (expensive resin 1/87 scale german kits) for my soviet armor of the future as the T64's bulk and mass of armor plates fitted itself well to the Soviet equipment of the future. In game, i have made them medium tanks, just bairly able to keep up with the technology of the Western powers, but still pretty deadly en masse. They were a huge pain in the butt to put together and a bit brittle (and expensive, 28.00$ apiece) but they are a perfect size and shape.

For APCs and scout cars, i went to Antenocitis Worshop for their excellent resin kits here:

They are cheaper the more you buy and are of superior quality to anything 15mm i have picked up thus far!
I used the Hunchback APC for the soviets due to its rounded shape, and the andgular Kabardin for its resemblance to our US Stryker. I also picked up Rebel minis Mrap scout car for the NATO's recon element as it looks alike a more advanced and heavily armored Humvee. 

For NATO infantry, i picked up the Earth Defense forces from Rebels minis, and the Neo soviet infantry from Armies Army here:

Here is a quick shot of some of my finished stuff-

Painting Technique:
I started by priming the minis with Flames of War Soviet Armor color, which is an interesting green. After that, i painted on a standardRrussian Camoflauge scheme, though i had to experiment with the flat tan that they use to get it right and not too bright. my first attempt was with ivory, which made the vehicles look like they had a winter camo on them which i was unsatisfied with, so i went back over with an armor grey. After the base coat camouflage, it was time for inking. Black ink, then dry, then paint back in what needs to be emboldened, and then dry brush to highlight. Took alot long than expected due to the washes...UGH!

Games Workshop ink SUCKS:
I don't know about you, but i have found that GW inks and washes are now complete garbage, especially the Nuln Oil, which instead of settling in the cracks and drying nice and dark, it smothers the whole model and makes it grey. At first i thought this was due to the primers that i used, but as i have used two different primers from two different companies, BOTH with the same effect, its led me to believe that GW's switch from their previous paint line has had some negative impacts. Has anyone else had this problem? Bring back Badab Black please!

First Results- Soviet Mechanized Infantry APCs and BDR 90 scout cars.
Here are some pics of my APCs and scout cars finished.


Scout car:

Scout car in woods!

Bolt action Scifi Mod rules:
I'm working off the base rules right now to cover all the elements of the future, and tweaking them as they go along. Some examples of the stuff i am adding to the game are...

-AMS System for vehicles (Anti Missile System): On a 4+ negates any missile hit shot against it just like a Shurtzen save in FOW. 

-No Shaped Charge rule: So infantry will be able to fire AT assets easier and hit more.

-Walkers: Combat walkers move as infantry, and are comparatively lightly armored, but can utilize some heavy weapons making them deadly against both infantry and tanks.

-All infantry are killed starting on a 3+ instead of a 4+, as this leaves room for armor and heavy armor, as well as Veterans.

When i'm finished, i'll upload my NATO and Neo Soviet lists for people to check out:)

For now, i think that's enough! Thanks for reading!


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