Friday, November 23, 2012

Update on NATO, Bolt Action, life, etc....

Life, what a bitch.
Sorry for the long delay, its been a pretty insane week and a half. From being bombarded with professional work to my dad being in and out of the hospital, its just been nuts. Thankfully i had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my girlfriend and her family, and now things have settled down a bit:. I hope everybody had a good Turkeyday as well! 

Vehicles almost Complete
Anyway, I've been painting like mad, and have my NATO vehicles almost finished, with a bunch of the Soviet Walkers and Light Walkers almost ready as well. Just have to paint on numbers, etc, and they will be finished up. I'll have pics for you guys tomorrow to see what I've come up with! 

Sci FI Bolt Action Rules Mod
Also, here are the Bolt action mod rules for you to take a look at and peruse, i'm sure they aren't perfect, and i think i may have to adjust the points, but comment are certainly welcome. I think when i am finished with NATO and the Neo-Soviets, i will work on a few other factions, probably one incorporating hover vehicles, and more heavily armed cyborg/robotic infantry. 

Check out the Rules here. I've compiled them into a PDF for viewing, any comments are welcome.

Micropanzer Conceptual Work 
In other news, Jason from Micropanzer recently contacted me again about some new work he wants me on, and i have started painting up the pencil concepts I've done for him in the past. I will be working on some new stuff soon i believe, but in the meantime he wants pretty much all of the Conceptual stuff painted and colored (which is like 100 pieces), so i will be quite busy in the coming months! 

Here is the first of many: Valkyur Assault Raven
Walkers and infantry incoming! 
Since I'm doing so much work for Jason and we're good buddies, he's shipping me a whole hell of alot of minis that i always wanted to get my hands on. My favorite figure is the Stomper bot that i designed, its a fantastic looking mini, and he did it total justice, as well as the smaller assault bots:) As i mentioned above, i want the new factions i design to be a bit more high tech than the NATO and Soviets, so i think these figures will feature prominently.

Here are my conceptual pencils for them if you haven't seen them already.

So just a short and sweet update, more coming tomorrow!


  1. I tried to download your lists, the keepandshare said I needed your permission to view the file? Any chance you could send via email instead?

  2. Hey Man, I have fixed the Sharing settings on the file, Here are the Version 1.1 Rules...