Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bolt Action Scfi Version 1.6 - UAV Drones, Orbital Drop Infantry, and Arty- Oh My!

Hey Guys,

I got version 1.6 of the rules finished up, and it was a doosey. I've introduced alot of new material to playtest, namely a few new units (Sub orbital drops troopers and Shock Heavy infantry, some more vehicles) and abilities, as well as Squad splitting and detachments, less Order dice, Artillery barrages, UAV Drones, and some tweaked faction special rules such as the Red God of War and NATO Air Support. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Bolt Action Scifi Rules Version 1.6
Get them Here

We are having a big game tomorrow at my local shop, so pictures will be forthcoming!



  1. You're inspiring me to re-purpose my AT-43 figs for BA. Love the BA play and with your rule add-on and a pinch of Tomorrow's War I've got some great battles pending.

    Member CSGA in Colorado Springs

  2. Yesterday, CSGA Colorado Springs had one of our Day of Games. BA-SF was featured as one of our 4 hour block game segments. Three noob players and a veteran along with single coach for each side.

    Envelopment scenario; ~1300 pts on each side (11 units), quick game play, lots of interaction, everyone engaged. I'm considering running this at Denver Tacticon in late Aug.

    Thanks again for the great work on the rules.

  3. Hey Man, please send picks if you have them! I've happy you guys are having so much fun with it:) Also stay tuned for my new rule set, i've been working like mad on it, but it still has some things to be done.